Kshitij roy

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How much can you transform within 12/24 weeks?

Fat Loss
Most of the time people are concerned about the time that will take for them to transform. It’s not wrong as they just want to be assured to see whether their time and efforts are worth it.

But there is a certain truth about this whole process that we should know. Enjoy the video to find that out!🙃 Love ❣️

Pratik Dave

Hi Kshitij roy - Thank you for explaining all these concepts clearly. Please can you come up with a video regarding how (reducing or increasing some cals ?)and when (after every week? )to strategically change diet plans for both - fat loss and muscle gain.. If we have to reduce or increase some cals ... how do we decide that ok boss - now you reduce 300 cals or increase 400 cals from your previous plan... how do we decide on by what factor we need to modify our diet plan?

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