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How many exercises should I do for best arm development?

Muscle Building
What different exercise can you suggest for biceps and how many sets should I do of it?

And what about triceps? . For both, the answer remains the same. We over complicate things that are usually simple af. This happens especially when you see some idiot of a model who is muscular af doing some strange movement for bicep curls. Last week I saw one lady do squats with dumbbells and during her ascent, she would curl the dumbbells. She said this helped her tone her arms well. So many more dumbasses just believed what she said at face value! What was the reason behind why that exercise works? We tease Arnab Goswami for asking stupid questions to people who matter but we forget, we do the same elsewhere. This study showed that changing shoulder position in different variations of bicep curls showed no difference in muscle activation - . This study showed that changing the width of the grip in bicep and tricep movements showed no major differences - #biceps #bicepworkout #triceps #tricepworkout #exercise #edutok #tiktokindia

sachin d v

Hello Aniketh This is Sachin here. I would like to know more about the transformation programs that you conduct. I have been thinking of enrolling myself for one such program. I am originally from Bengaluru and currently living in Belgium. Could you please let me know how to go ahead with the process? Thanks in advance. Regards Sachin

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