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How many days should you workout in a week?

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How many days should you work out in a week?

Content by Akshita Arora The number of days one should train in a week is subjective and depends upon multiple factors like training experience, work schedule, etc. If you are working out to improve your fitness level, then you can do well with a lesser number of training days, but if you have an aim for competing in a physique contest, then you would need to train for more days. Resistance training frequency is defined as either the number of training days or the number of times a muscle group is trained. The current evidence suggests that training every muscle group twice a week promotes better hypertrophic gains than training once a week when the volume is also equated. Research shows the benefit of 3x/week protocol vs 2x/week (1), but here the volume was not equated and we have seen that more volume usually results in better results. Takeaway: If you are a beginner, find a sweet spot in strength training at least around 2-3 days/week, covering every major muscle twice a week for getting enough volume per session and for promoting hypertrophy. If you are an intermediate or advanced trainee, you can train 3-6 days/week, depending upon the training split. A 3-day full-body training, 4-day upper-lower split, etc, are some examples. References: Braith, R. W., Graves, J. E., Pollock, M. L., Leggett, S. L., Carpenter, D. M., & Colvin, A. B. (1989). Comparison of 2 vs 3 days/week of variable resistance training during 10-and 18-week programs. International journal of sports medicine, 10(06), 450-454. Schoenfeld, B. J., Ogborn, D., & Krieger, J. W. (2016). Effects of resistance training frequency on measures of muscle hypertrophy: a systematic review and meta-analysis. Sports Medicine, 46(11), 1689-1697.

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