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How Important Is Exercise Order?

Exercise Science
So finally you’ve designed your favorite workout split, deciding on the exercises for different muscle groups and arranging them within your week as per your goals and convenience. Awesome! But in what order you perform these exercises also matters.

Yes, exercise order matters, but not the way most people think. We’ve all heard the saying multi-joint should be performed before single-joint exercises or bigger muscle groups (like chest, back) should be trained before smaller muscle groups (like biceps, triceps). To an extent this is true, but not how we believe it does. Recently, some studies suggested that when multiple exercises are performed in a single workout session, the exercise performed first has the greatest adaptations and the performance decline after due to the fatigue. This means that the exercise you will do first will experience the major development. Thus, exercise order should depend on your goal. If your aim is to gain strength, multi-joint exercises should be performed first as you can lift more weight in these exercises and therefore, leads to greater overall adaptations. Similarly, if you lack in any particular body part, like biceps, you should train them first when training multiple muscle groups.
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