How I Transformed From Obese Teenager To A Fit Woman


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Can someone who has been obese all their life ever get fit? Yes, they can! And that's exactly what Dr Garima Mishra did:

Garima always knew she wanted to become a doctor. That meant years of preparation and long hours of study. While other teenagers were active, Garima could always be found with her books. Coupled with poor eating habits, this led to poor health and by the 7th standard, she already weighed 70 kg. People started calling her "that fat kid". Remarks like this hurt but Garima was clueless about what to do. The wakeup call came when the scales tipped at 92 kg. Now, something had to be done. This realisation led to crazy liquid diets which only made matters worse. Finally, a friend introduced her to this fitness community and Garima finally found the answers she was looking for. The journey wasn't all smooth sailing. But then, anything worth achieving in life rarely comes easily. Watch Garima's story to know how she did it.


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