How Fitness Won Over Depression


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Strong mothers raise strong daughters. Read on about Khushbu Gupta amazing story:

Khushbu was extremely close to her mother who had raised her single-handedly. After her marriage, Khushbu moved to another city but stayed in close touch with her mother. When she learnt that she was going to become a mother herself, she couldn't wait to tell her mother about it. But in a tragic turn of events, Khushbu's mother met with an accident from which she never recovered. A distraught Khushbu spiralled out of control. Without her mother's support, she felt depressed and lonely. She sought solace in alcohol and her health problems mounted. A timely intervention by family and friends helped her discover a new purpose - she would get her life back on track and use her life's story to inspire others. This is Khushbu's amazing journey.

Vaibhav Jain


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