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How Fitness Motivated Me And Changed My Life

From tipping the scales at 92 Kgs to becoming a sought-after Fitness Coach and a part of a fitness revolution, Swati sodhi's journey is the stuff of dreams!

Born and raised in a typical Punjabi family, Swati was a confirmed foodie who loved her paneer and parathas. A chubby child, she was often the butt of everyone’s jokes. The words stung but Swati didn’t know what to do about her weight. After getting married and becoming a mother, Swati’s weight woes continued. During each of her two pregnancies, she gained a whopping 30 kgs. When her weight touched 92 kgs and she began having trouble taking care of her children, she knew something had to be done. What did Swati do? How did she manage to lose all that weight? And what did the future hold for her? Watch the video to find out.

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