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How does your sleep affect your fat loss? And how much sleep is enough sleep?

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This INFS carousal by Akshita Arora has the answers! References: 1. St-Onge, M. P., Roberts, A. L., Chen, J., Kelleman, M., O'Keeffe, M., RoyChoudhury. A., & Jones. P.J. (2011) Short sleep duration increases energy intakes but does not change energy expenditure in normal-weight individuals. The American journal of clinical nutrition, 94(2), 410-416. 2. Spiegel, K., Tasali, E., Penev, P., Cauter, (2004). Brief communication: sleep curtailment in healthy young men is associated with decreased leptin levels, elevated ghrelin levels and increased hunger and appetite. Annals of internal medicine, 141(11). 846-850 3. Nedelltcheva, A. V., Kilkus, J. M., Imperial, J., Schoeller, D. A., Penev, P.D. (2010). Insufficient sleep undermines dietary efforts to reduce adiposity. Annals of internal medicine, 153(7), 435-441.

gauri kulkarni

I sleep at 1 and wake up by 730 8. should that be fine?

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