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Often clients blame metabolism for their progress. Many a time they feel it's because of their genetics and it cannot be fixed for the lifetime. They also start with starvation mode wondering that's the key for fat loss. Let me tell you, your metabolism can be fixed. Majority of time, people are stuck at a plateau or they have a slow metabolism is because: • They actually have been for dieting too long. • Too restrictive diets. • Following a huge deficit. • Living a sedentary lifestyle. • Lack of strength training. • Irregular sleeping timings. When you do either of the things metabolic adaptation occurs. In simple terms, you are just slowing down your metabolism. Your body gets used to a certain amount of calories and it starts adapting over the period of time and won't burn any more than that. The good news is you can totally fix it. 1. Fixing your caloric intake Stop having low-calorie food or starving yourself, eat right quantified food what your body needs according to your body weight. It becomes very difficult to recover from such situations. 2. Avoid long hours of cardio and focus on Strength training. Avoid long hours of cardio, instead focus on your strength training and building lean muscle mass. Seems easy, but takes a lot of patience. 3. Fix your sleeping timings. Sleep like a baby. Yes, you need to sleep at least for 7-9 hours a day depending on your schedule. 4. Water intake. Target at least 4-6 liters of water every day. 5. Follow a reverse dieting technique. Reverse dieting is a dieting technique that involves gradually increasing your calorie intake over a period of several weeks or months to boost metabolism. Don't forget to keep track of your progress every 7-10 days. 6. Patience Last but not least, always enjoy the process, don't get panic and take wrong steps. It's a lifestyle and the real recipe is being consistent throughout the journey. So do you blame genetics for your low metabolism? 😜

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