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Homemade Dumbbells

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How to make dumbbells at home?

=================================Here is the short clip of video I have made to make dumbbells at home. It is a desi jugad.😁 The weight is roughly approx 9.5 kgs. You can add more sand or stones as per your container capacity. Best you can use water bottles of 20litres or any big container which is of no use to you. By the same way you can create dumbbells as well, by using small container and pipes. Use Fevicol or any solution to to hold it tight if needed. Your temporary gym equipment is at your place.💪 Shoot out your doubts or any other ideas you have in the comment section. NO EXCUSES ❌ STAY HOME 🏠 STAY SAFE ❤️ STAY STRONG💪 Cheers!🤟 #fittr #fittrCoach

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