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Home Workout Vs Gym Workout

Exercise Science
There can be few reasons for preferring home workout

1. Lack of time to visit a gym 2. Non-availability of gym nearby 3. More economical 4. Wants to avoid a crowded gym 5. Do not like working out in a gym But let me state a few advantages of gym workout over home workout 1.More weights - This is a pretty apparent full-fledged gym that will have more loads than you can have at your home. And to muscles to grow, you need to train at higher weights over time. 2.More variations- You can train a specific muscle group with different variations of exercise that sometimes can be beneficial if you are not able to do particular exercises. 3.Machine Exercises- To learn the movement of any exercise, machines can be pretty useful for the beginner, and that is mostly missing in home gyms. But if you wish to stick to home workout, you need the following pieces of equipment 1. You can start a home workout without any equipment if you are a beginner and don’t want to invest in equipment and can use bodyweight for exercises. 2. Resistance Band- They come in different resistance levels and can be handy while traveling also. You can perform several exercises and train almost all your muscle groups. 3. Dumbbell- A pair of the dumbbell can be beneficial in performing many strength training exercises and also beneficial in many unilateral exercises. Along with it buying a basic bench is recommended. 4. Barbell- Barbell can be used to learn then progress on various compound exercises, and you can also load more weight in a barbell. You can buy more weights as you press 5. Yoga Mat- To protect from hard surfaces And if your budgets allow and you can go ahead and buy a multistation gym machine that will enable you to do exercise like chest press, pec dec fly, lat pull down, etc. Choose between home workout and gym workout based on the convenience and in which workout you will be able to maintain consistency. Your muscles do not discriminate doing an exercise in a fancy gym or at your home.

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I prefer homework out

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