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home workout vs gym

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Does home workouts give the same results as a gym?

=============================== We get this query a lot of times that does home workouts are as effective as a gym or not, let's understand. People chose a home workout over gyms because of following reasons - 1. Lack of time to visit a gym 2. Non-availability of gym nearby 3. More economical 4. Wants to avoid a crowded gym 5. Do not like working out in a gym And for working out at home, you just need some basic equipment like dumbbell, barbell and some weight plates but the biggest disadvantage comes here itself, in the gym you have access to a lot of equipment that actually can train effectively all the muscle groups in your body but with home workouts- you have limited option. This does not mean you can not train all the muscle groups at home, you can do that but here comes the second disadvantage that is there is a limitation of adding up limited amounts of weight only, so for an advanced trainee home workout might not be so effective as going to the gym. But when it comes to the beginner, it can be equally effective if you follow a proper training schedule and train regularly .
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