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Fitness Gadgets & Tools
With the quarantine being extended each week, there is no certainty about the gyms getting opened any time soon. But as a silver lining, in the areas which haven’t been declared as red zones, online deliveries have been extended to non essentials (portals like Amazon, Flipkart). So now is the chance for you all to equip yourselves with the things that could help you in your home workouts. And this is a guide as to which one could be useful for you. Hope this helps. .

BONUS TIP : you can also check indiamart, olx, quikr and fb marketplace for second hand equipments and directly contact dealer who can supply the new product at a much cheaper rate.

Karthik Nithyanandham

Prasanth R hi Prasanth, do you know any place I Chennai where I can buy dumbbells, rods and plates please? checked decathlon and few vendors in india mart but no luck though..any lead is appreciated, thanks in advance..Cheers!

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