Home Workout  Series - Using Equipment Available In Your House - Complete Body Workout - Day 2 & 5: Chest + Shoulder + Triceps

Nikhil tilakpure
Nikhil tilakpure

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Exercise Science
What are the most common challenges with home workout?

1. Limited or no equipment at home Solution: We will use household items that are easily available for training 2. Home workouts are either too easy or too hard for me Solution: We will have multiple exercise options so that one can choose as per his/her strength levels. 3. Progressing/overloading is a challenge with home workout as there is no scope for increasing load. Solution: In the last episode of the series, we will discuss strategies to progress with home workouts. Introduction to workout plan: This is a 6 day Home Workout plan. Training frequency for each muscle group - twice a week. Workout split for the week: Day 1 & 4: Back + Biceps + Abs Day 2 & 5: Chest + Shoulder + Triceps Day 3 & 6: Legs + Abs Day 7: Rest Day Day 1 & 4: Back + Biceps + Abs https://www.fittr.com/articles/488693 Day 2 & 5: Chest + Shoulder + Triceps https://www.fittr.com/articles/489596 Day 3 & 6: Legs + Abs https://www.fittr.com/articles/491124


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