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Home workout Part 20 - Learn how to do Bulgarian Split Squats

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Bulgarian Split Squats is an important variation among lower bodyworkouts as it focusses a lot on balance and flexibility along with strength gains.

I have covered the common mistakes people do and the correct way of doing it. Put your concerns in the comment section and will be happy to help you. Note - I have put all the home workout videos on youtube for easy access of everyone. I keep getting messages for links to download the videos or to share it among friends or family. This will make your job easy :) Home Workout Series (With Body Weight and Resistance Bands) Pull routine https://youtu.be/2wNHcj631f8 Push Routine (Chest, Shoulder, Triceps) https://youtu.be/0sGMmuIsiKo Legs Workout https://youtu.be/61H8DpZx398 Bodyweight Leg Workout https://youtu.be/TzQPdlXGhJA Bodyweight Circuits https://youtu.be/EYR9zPuYjJM Bodyweight Workouts (With bag to increase resistance) https://youtu.be/2yFHc92Edao Abs & Core Workout https://youtu.be/DQH_WvI_hRg Learn the correct form of Pushups https://youtu.be/xcSvdMlDvkQ 20 different variations of Pushups https://youtu.be/EpiPr43zSZ8 Learn how to Plank https://youtu.be/-1ZsKVZ1L0k Learn how to headstand https://youtu.be/fvEaT9M6MVg Learn how to do Hindu Pushups https://youtu.be/vB6ZR_wl9bQ Learn how to do Shoulder Lateral Raise https://youtu.be/II9adyRWOgg Have a safe workout and Tkcr of yourself and your family. Dr. Aakash Bansal #SharmaJiKaBeta #Fittr #Bettr #Smarttr


knees over toes is okay?

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