Arshdeep Singh

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HOME WORKOUT (no dumbbells )(with videos)

Exercise Science

Amidst the chaos of corona where cities are being locked down here is how you can take care of your body. Remember that usually we won’t have enough weights hence it is suggested to keep the tempo of each rep slow and each set high in reps in a Home Workout. Your approach should be to “MAKE LIGHT WEIGHTS HEAVY”. It still takes me more than an hour to finish my workout. My workout consists of 1. Stretches(I have shared 24 videos on Facebook group of ours). So if you do each stretch for as less as 2 mins it is still gonna take you 50 mins approx. 2.Resistance Band Workout(posted in this video) 3. Abs and finishers (will be posting an abs circuit and a Finisher exercise in my next post.) Stay safe Fam!!🙏😊

Tejasvi A R Shettiga

where can I find the videos ???

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