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Exercise Science
Why Home-workout?

1. Lack of time to visit a gym 2. Non-availability of gym nearby 3. More economical 4. Wants to avoid a crowded gym 5. Do not like working out in a gym 6. Now, social isolation to prevent COVID-19 Pieces of Equipment Needed For Home workout 1. You can start a home workout without any equipment if you are a beginner and don’t want to invest in equipment and can use bodyweight for exercises. 2. Resistance Band- They come in different resistance levels and can be very handy while traveling also. You can perform several exercises and train all your muscle groups. 3. Dumbbell- A pair of the dumbbell can be beneficial in performing many strength training exercises and also helpful in many unilateral exercises. 4. Barbell- Barbell can be used to learn then progress on various compound exercises, and you can also load more weight in a barbell. 5. Yoga Mat- To protect from hard surfaces 6. Ankle Weights- To add resistance in an exercise like leg raises etc. or cardio How to Plan Home workout? 1. First all of all access your current fitness level- beginner, intermediate or advance, accordingly incorporate exercises 2. Include exercises for all muscle group to train every muscle group 3. Focus more on resistance training rather then aerobic exercises if you are not an endurance athlete 4. Large space is preferable for doing the home workout as you might need more space in performing some exercises and also your movements will not be restricted 5. Schedule the exercise in descending order of their difficulty level Basic Guidelines for a workout 1. When doing the workout for the first time, oversee exercise videos and try out each exercise before starting the routine 2. If you cannot perform any exercise, find the alternate but do not remove from the routine; As you move through the weeks, keep practicing the tougher ones till you ‘get it.’ 3. Do not rush through the session. Slow down when pushing and pulling your body weight or external weight and focus on your form 4. General rules to maintain the form in any exercise are to keep the back straight, chest out, and shoulders down and retracted. This posture should be maintained throughout the movement. All the best !!


So shall we target every muscle group everyday or can we we target each everyday in home workouts

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