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High Uric Acid: The Good & The Bad

Uric acid levels in our body can depend on a variety of factors and can also impact it in different ways. Learn more in this article by Dr Akshay Alawani!

Disclaimer: Shared information is evidence based, but not a substitute for professional personalised advice. Ref: 1. De Oliveira EP, Burini RC. High plasma uric acid concentration: Causes and consequences. Vol. 4, Diabetology and Metabolic Syndrome. 2012. 2. Macarró n-Vicente J. Uric acid and evolution. Rheumatology [Internet]. 2010 [cited 2020 Jul 13];49:2010–5. 3. Hediger MA, Johnson RJ, Miyazaki H, Endou H. Molecular physiology of urate transport [Internet]. Vol. 20, Physiology. American Physiological Society; 2005 [cited 2020 Jul 13]. p. 125–33. 4. Chen L ying, Zhu W hua, Chen Z wen, Dai H lei, Ren J jing, Chen J hua, et al. Relationship between hyperuricemia and metabolic syndrome. J Zhejiang Univ Sci B [Internet]. 2007 [cited 2020 Jul 13];8(8):593–8. 5. Messerli FH, Frohlich ED, Dreslinski GR, Suarez DH, Aristimuno GG. Serum uric acid in essential hypertension: an indicator of renal vascular involvement. Ann Intern Med [Internet]. 1980 [cited 2020 Jul 13];93(6):817–21. 6. Chen JH, Chuang SY, Chen HJ, Wen-Ting YEH, Wen-Harn PAN. Serum uric acid level as an independent risk factor for all-cause, cardiovascular, and ischemic stroke mortality: A chinese cohort study. Arthritis Care Res [Internet]. 2009 Feb 15 [cited 2020 Jul 13];61(2):225–32. 7. Seo YK, Guevara JP, Kyoung MK, Hyon KC, Heitjan DF, Albert DA. Hyperuricemia and risk of stroke: A systematic review and meta-analysis [Internet]. Vol. 61, Arthritis Care and Research. Arthritis Rheum; 2009 [cited 2020 Jul 13]. p. 885–92. 8. Emmerson BT. The management of gout [Internet]. Vol. 334, New England Journal of Medicine. Massachusetts Medical Society; 1996 [cited 2020 Jul 13]. p. 445–51.

Monika Sharma

sir can you provide me the list of food which should eat in uric acid. my father in law is suffering from uric acid

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