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High Screen Time Can Be A Danger To Your Health!

An interesting study in 2020 aimed to examine whether extended use of a variety of screen based devices in addition to television, was associated with poor dietary habits and other health related characteristics and behaviours among adults! 🤔

A total on 926 adults were included in the study. 👥 They divided the participants into 3 major categories, Light (median 7h/day), moderate (median 11.25h/day) and heavy users (median 17.5h/day) And after data analysis concluded that, Poor dietary habits was associated with the extended use of screen time specially more in heavy users. Binge watching is also one reason to binge eating!!! 🍔🍕📺📲 Sleep, physical activity & stress is also affected in various ways because of the time spent on mobile, television, computer etc.🏋️😥 So, let me know your average screen time in the comment and then keep your phone aside 📵and do 10 burpees! 😅 #daactarni Vizcaino, M., Buman, M., DesRoches, T. et al. From TVs to tablets: the relation between device-specific screen time and health-related behaviors and characteristics. BMC Public Health 20, 1295 (2020). https://doi.org/10.1186/s12889-020-09410-0

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