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High carb OR High fat?

__ “I lost 10 kilos because I did intermittent fasting.” __ “No, I lost 10 kilos because I reduced my carbs and added more fats.” __ “No wait, I lost 10 kilos because I visited the nearby temple every Tuesday.” If you're spending too much time doing your fitness research on the Internet - you will come across way too many fad diets and diet patterns that will involve things like high carb diet, high fat diet, keto diet, water fasting, God diets, and whatnot. Fact is - all of these diets have only one thing in common; they restrict the calories that you consume per day. That's it. It's as simple as that! There is no magical power behind a certain kind of diet. High carb diets or High-fat diets are not inherently better at making you shed those pounds. The only thing these diets do is make you more disciplined in the way you eat, and hopefully, reduce the number of calories you are consuming per day. The results you see are hence because of the calorie deficit, and not because you consumed fewer carbs or more fat! If you love more carbs, add carbs. If you love more fats, add fats. But before that, make sure you have calculated your protein intake and calories. Period. Don’t complicate things by restricting this food item or that one. Always choose a diet which you can sustain for a longer period of time. Or else it really doesn’t make any sense starving yourself throughout the journey and NOT enjoy the process. Keep your fitness as simple as possible. Focus on maintaining a calorie deficit, and engage in regular physical activity. It does not get any more complicated than that. And don't let anyone tell you otherwise!

Archana Arora

awesome post, fittr and content posted by u all getting so popular.... as some other "so called dietition" is also copying ure content. I read a post in a WhatsApp group whr one dietitian copied ure starting lines and endorsed her work, like "only your dietition know what type of diet plan u should follow." and i felt so proud fittr is a platform whr we get real knowledge free and fittr coaches never endorsed themselves.

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