Nachiketh Shetty

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Here's why you shouldn't lift and eat right

Go to the last slide and then read this 👇

. . . . While I understand that everybody has their own set of problems when it comes to getting in a better shape and health, I also understand that health is NOT optional. And even the strongest reason is not strong enough to make that an "option". Don’t have time? -Give up on the least important task you do everyday and exercise. Even if it has consequences, it’ll be a good trade-off. Can’t afford a gym? Can’t leave the house and kids and go out for a WO? -Exercise at home! No matter what problems you have, all of those problems have been faced by someone else in the past 1000yrs and they have found a way out. Only difference was that they wanted it a tiny bit more than you did. Our current lifestyle, our health issues and our problems…all of them are a result of choosing the more comfortable option over the uncomfortable just because you had a “genuine reason” to do so. Sometimes, not always but sometimes you just have to suck it up and go the uncomfortable route, won’t sugarcoat this one.

Bhavna Chopra Srikrishna

you definitely don't sugar coat. yep, no way out. and if you give it time, it becomes the absolutely non negotiable part of your day

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