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Having hard time with controlling the Binge Eating!! Here we have the solution!!

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Which are the days we deviate the most?

Yes, you got that right, on Weekends. Most of us stay disciplined throughout the week, and then comes the weekend. The Friday night mayhem, heavy restaurant meal, those heavy breakfasts, butter packed family barbeque and what not. Just a couple of moderate bouts of binge eating can simply undo the Fat Loss efforts done in the entire week. The reason is very obvious, Positive Energy Balance at the end of the week. Now, the good news is, it's not that hard to control food intake. It doesn't need a nutrition degree, extraordinary will power or genetics or really other than basic understanding of physiology and psychology of eating, fat gain, fat loss and structured approach towards our inborn programming. Here are the few tips which you may follow to curb the habit of Binging!! 1. Out of Sight - Out of Mind: The more you have food around you, the more you will think about them and eventually more likely you would eat them. When such food are just an arm away and you have to say NO ten times an hour, eventually the answer will be YES and then you might say YES again and again. The solution is very simple; do not surround yourself with such food to avoid this pitfall. That also means don't fill your pantry, cupboards, fridge etc. with your favorite snacks, treats or high calorie beverages. 2. Learn the Meal Planning and Macronutrients: If you want to eat by your instinct often, you must learn basics about the calorie content and Macronutrients (Protein, Carbs and Fats) a food have and this way you can efficiently predict approximate calorie in your meal. Suppose you have 500 calories in your breakfast and on Sunday you want to have your breakfast out ( A burger for an example) . You must understand that as the burger size gets bigger, the calorie count will also go up. So, be wise enough while picking your meal size as per your calorie window. As you start educating yourself, you will learn that it's not that hard to understand. 3. Avoid snacking: You need to cautious about snacking while watching TV or mobile or reading your favorite novels. The reason behind this is, when anything takes your attention off the food, you tend to overeat. Before you notice that, the whole packet of chips or the whole pint of ice-cream is finished up. If you still like to have something while watching your favorite shows, you better bring a quantified meal at your couch so that you eat just that amount of food and nothing more. 4. Serve wise Eat wise: Serving food in larger plates or drink in larger glass influence to eat more. If you use small plates, bowls, glasses you might less likely to overeat. 5. Avoid hopping directly in Boxes or Packets: Quantify your food and serve yourself rather than directly putting your hand in the food container or packets. This way you might be able to control the binging which goes against your will and you could easily remember how much you have eaten. Stay Fit! Stay Happy! Stay Healthy!
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