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Happy women’s day !! Some tips for you guys 💪🏽💪🏽

Some of the ways which can help to calm Period Cramps

Period cramps occur when levels of chemicals called prostaglandins rise,causing uterine contractions, inflammation, and pain. Dietary changes, exercise, acupuncture, and vitamins may all help relieve menstrual cramps. 1.Improving Your diet Research has shown that reducing body fat and increasing vegetables in your diet may help ease monthly cramps. A balanced plate is essential.Add good amount of protein fats and carbohydrates in your diet. Find your body fat % and try reducing it if your are on the higher side. 2. Try Fish Oil and Vitamin B1 for Natural Relief Another natural route to period cramp relief is taking fish oil supplements, vitamin B1, or both, according to research published in September 2014 in the Global Journal of Health Science. Scientists assigned 240 teens with menstrual cramps and other pain to take B1 and fish oil, B1 alone, fish oil alone, or a placebo. The teens took 100 milligrams (mg) per day of B1 and 500 mg daily of fish oil supplements. When the teens reported their pain, those taking either the fish oil, B1, or both had significantly less pain than the placebo group. The pain also didn't last as long if they took fish oil or B1. 3. Acupuncture May Help by Relaxing the Nervous System Acupuncture can help relieve cramps it helps to relax the the nervous system.It causes more robust blood flow to the internal organs. Acupuncture is also thought to have an anti-inflammatory effect. 4. Boost Those Feel-Good Endorphins With Exercise (or Orgasms) In addition to their pain-relieving effect, endorphins can also boost your mood. Having an orgasm releases endorphins. Working out does as well. Perhaps the last thing you want to even think about while in the midst of cramps is exercise, but activity can boost endorphins and help chase away pain. A report published in March 2015 in the Journal of Family Reproductive Health indicates that both aerobic exercise and stretching helped soothe period cramps. So workout while you are in this time you will start feeling the changes slowly.Be consistent. 5. Up the Magnesium in Your Diet to Help Nerve and Muscle Function Dietary magnesium seems to help ease the pain of cramps. Magnesium is found in many foods and as a supplement if you can’t get what you need from your diet. Magnesium helps regulate nerve and muscle functioning, among other vital tasks; researchers who evaluated the evidence on magnesium call it a promising treatment for menstrual cramps. But they cannot recommend a specific dose, because researchers have studied various doses. The recommended dietary allowance of magnesium for women of childbearing age is about 320 mg daily. An ounce of dry almonds or one half cup of boiled spinach each has about 80 mg. I hope this was helpful. Happy women’s day❤️❤️ .
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