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Hair fall 🤦🏽‍♂️ Causes and prevention !!

👧🏻 Hair fall is very common issue nowadays and can be cured with some changes in lifestyle .

👧🏻 Falling of ~50-100 hair a day is not called as hair fall its a normal process where few hair falls and the new ones grows back from the follicle.Problem happens when no new hair grows back from the follicle. 👧🏻In these situation what mistakes we do ? ❌❌ 👧🏻 Applying hair oil every day thinking that it will moisturise your scalp. ❌ 👧🏻 Using shampoos which claims it has egg whites :(( Applying shampoos which contains protein in them is not gonna make things fine.❌ 👧🏻Trying several products and testing on your weak scalp .❌ 👧🏻 Hair fall can happen due to several reasons.I will try to list few of them 👧🏻Stress 👧🏻Lack of sleep 👧🏻Less intake of water 👧🏻Deficiency of vitamins and minerals 👧🏻Less intake of protein 👧🏻Being on a low calories for a longer time 👧🏻Using supplements which might be fake 👧🏻Excess of DHT (DHT blocks your hair follicles and resists your hair growth ) 👧🏻No physical activity lacking in blood circulation. 👧🏻Genetics 👧🏻 What can we do in these situations ?✅ ✅ 👧🏻Starting with the diet part - Having a well balanced diet containing protein ,Carbs and fats may be the issue you are facing its because of not having a balanced diet . 👧🏻Regular exercise - it helps in good blood circulation in the body If you don't have good blood circulation your hair follicles might get weak and the nutrients might not reach your hair resulting in having weak scalp or hair 👧🏻Vitamins and minerals - Make sure you are consuming enough vitamins and minerals from green leafy vegetables.if you are not a big fan of veggies then you should consume vitamin supplements . 👧🏻Water intake - It plays an important role since water cools your body down so make sure you are consuming enough water . 👧🏻 Oil- Oiling your hair twice a week is more than enough to keep it moisturised. 👧🏻Supplements - Please make sure the supplements you buy are from genuine dealers because fake supplements can have side effect and you never know side effect can be hair fall. 👧🏻Excess DHT - Dihydrotestosterone DHT is thought to cause hair follicles to miniaturize, and this contributes to male pattern hair loss. Well how to reduce DHT ? If you have a good lifestyle DHT should not be the issue but you can use caffeine to reduce hair fall by spraying it in your scalp .It will try to save the hair whatever you are left with. Please click the link given below to view the video made by fitmag on how to use caffeine for preventing hair loss . 👧🏻Genetics - if there is a pattern in your family of being bald then pretty much you cannot help it but the above steps is definitely worth trying .Do give a try so that you can reduce your issue . After trying all this if still you are facing any issue then you should definitely meet a hair specialist . Thanks for reading !! I hope it was useful.

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