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Gym Phobia

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Gym Phobia

----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Have you experienced this the first time you entered gym? You are not alone! Trust me when I say this. I was so nervous and overwhelmed the first time, I just wanted to escape to my comfort zone - Cardio section. How many of us are guilty of being a cardio bunny? Weights section which was always crowded by big burly muscular men felt very intimidating and scary. Fear of embarrassing myself always held me back. Finally, a time came when I realized in order to push my limits, I had to overcome my fear of weights or else be stuck in my own hamster wheel forever with no results. Here are a few tips which helped me know my way around the gym and I am sure it will help you too: ** Make a workout plan before you go the gym: Having a plan will ensure you are not fumbling around and know what you need to do when you are there and not waste time. ** Google and watch videos multiple times on form to make you feel more confident: There will be a learning curve initially and you will need to spend some time trying to understand the exercises and its execution. But slowly it gets easier with time. Always be open to learning. ** Choose only 3-4 exercises initially and don't go with 10 exercises per day plan which will make it overwhelming: Having fewer exercises means you will be more familiar with them and can quickly get the workout done when you are a beginner. You can then go to the floor area and do some body weight work to finish your workout and be done. Keeping it simple is the key initially. ** Ask for help when needed: Don't shy from asking for help. Its better than making mistakes and injuring yourself. Ask a personal trainer or ask fellow people who are working out. Most of them will be more than willing to help and you can also make some friends which will make the place less intimidating. ** Go during non-peak hours when gym is relatively empty: When you are a beginner, its always scary to enter the weights section when it is packed. Try to go late morning or in the afternoon when the gym is relatively empty. Of course not everyone will have the same privilege but this is an option for a beginner to explore. ** Find a buddy for working out: When you are a beginner and find it hard to enter weights section, having a friend will be helpful and will give you necessary moral support that you are not alone. It also becomes much more enjoyable and fun to workout together. ** Start with mostly dumbbell exercises: When you are a beginner, it can be really scary to operate those huge gym machines or be in the barbell area. Best thing is to start slow and start light with only dumbbells to know your way around and once you get comfortable you can always progress. ** Lastly, do not be afraid of being judged or embarrassing yourself: Everyone comes for their own reasons and trying to improve and get better. We all make mistakes and learn from them. Don't let that fear prevent you from even trying. Just get yourself some nice pumping music and focus on yourself. Its only "you VS you" So get started guys!! Do npt waste time and crush your workouts 💪💪

Navaneetha Ravi

A person who was never into physical fitness. Now I'm addicted to the gym. I'm the only woman to be in the weight section . 5 mins of cardio is only to warmup my joints .

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