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GTT- Genetics ,Time and Trust


Before you complain about your genetics being weak let me tell you these two pictures are 8 years apart. Why I write this is because last night when i went to the gym i heard two boys discussing something about their genes not being strong and hence their arms failed to grow. When the topic died down i asked them casually about their age and how long they had been training. Both were around 22 years old and they had been training for 6-8 months. This explains it all. How quick we want things to happen . How impatient we are. How fast we jump to a conclusion that it’s our genetics which isn’t good enough. These thoughts might soon give rise to wrong ways of building muscle (the short cuts , the use of roids) Our brain works very fast, it hardly takes a few seconds to visualise us in perfect shape , all ripped and muscular but biologically for us to reach that level or somewhere close to our dream body , it takes time. You need to synchronise your mind and physical working. ( i still believe I haven’t tapped 30% of my potential after investing 5 years of PROPER TRAINING AND DIETING ) Give yourself time Work towards the goal Track down your progress Learn new stuff As the famous saying goes ,” A professional has failed more number of times than a beginner even tried.” Physique are not created in 12 or 24 weeks but yes, 12 -24 weeks are enough to give a proper start to your journey. Here is another incident When I had seen my abs for the first time i was so much in love with them , i feared that I might lose them . I was even afraid to have carbs at that time (because i felt carbs would fade my abs ). My mentor asked to have 600 gms of carbs then and assured me my abs won’t go anywhere. My level of acceptance to this wasn’t much but i trusted him and had 600 gms of carbs for 5-7 days. To my surprise the abs stayed and i looked even better. Why I mentioned this? Because Our level of acceptance will be very low until we EXPERIENCED it. And for us to experience it we need to implement it. Take away 1. Short is a wrong cut. 2. Before you blame your genetics make sure you have invest good amount of time hitting the muscle in right way. 3. Do not time bound a progress like losing 5 kgs in next 5 weeks. Rather set a more realistic target like not cheating throughout the next 5 weeks. 4. 12/24 weeks is a start and not the end. Each one has his own pace and experience. We cannot compared two different bodies. 5. You will be more open to accepting logics once you have experienced it.And to experience it you need to implement

Madhu Shan

nice article..kinda motivates. thanks a lot 😊

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