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Grow Your Stubborn Traps .

Exercise Science
Are you not able to grow your traps even after doing countless number if shrugs ?

Here are the few reasons : 1) Training at the end of the workout : If you think that your shrugs aren't well built it's because you are not able to hit it proper intensity . We often tend to do shrugs at the end of the back session when are exhausted and can't give enough emphasis on traps. From next time onwards try giving it more priority first during your back workout . 2) Have you ever wondered how the participants in Olympic weightlifting who uses wide grip ( the snatch grip ) have huge traps ? Traditional shrugs in which the hands are to the side ( Shoulder width ) grip activates the upper traps less and causes the levator scapulae to take over . So how do you work the levator scapulae less and upper trapazius more? The simple answer is by widening your grip to 90 - 150 degrees which has showed the activation of upper traps more and less of levator scapula.There is much like the " snatch grip " in olympic weightlifting . This makes more sense considering the pennation angle , or the angle at which the trap muscle fibre runs , is diagnol. So when you shrug you arms are in line with the trap fibres So next time when you shrug widen you grip more bend your body slightly forward . Let me know in the comments section after giving a try .
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