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Grow more muscle with Mind Muscle Connection

Exercise Science
Weight lifting has many psychological aspects to it in addition to the physical aspects. The workout is supplemented by external and internal cues. Mind-muscle connection (MMC) is the latter. The more MMC you have, more would be the number of muscle fibres that recruited to perform the movement (muscle activation). This leads to a superior muscle contraction and in turn more muscle development.

Simply repping a certain weight/dumbbell does not guarantee that the muscle group that it has been intended for is recruited to perform the same. You need to feel the muscle performing the movement. Remember! focus cannot be learnt, it needs to be developed over time Many studies suggest that MMC is especially beneficial for muscle growth in the upper body (primarily because most people have a better control and coordination with their upper extremities). While it is presumed that experienced body builders have a good MMC with lower body as well. Also a few tips 1) While working a muscle, think about that muscle and visualize using it 2) Squeeze the muscle being worked out at the top for a few seconds 3) Beginners should start by looking in the mirror and flexing the muscles independent of each other 4) Use lighter weights and a slower tempo 5) Perform the exercise without any weight/dumbbells and try to activate the targeted muscle before going into a set 6) Keep practicing. For more info read the research: Eur J Sport Sci. 2018, Title: Myofibrillar protein synthesis and muscle hypertrophy individualized responses to systematically changing resistance training variables in trained young men

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