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Golden Rules For Newbies In The Gym

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1. Don't compare yourself with someone else: You and your journey is different from others in the gym. You may have been training for x years. You never know the other person might be training for x+n years. Respect yours and others hard work too. Compare yourself with your old self and get better each day with your lifts, endurance and perseverance.

2. Enter the gym with a Plan: Enter the gym with a goal in your mind. Goal could be anything like fat loss, muscle gain, to get six-pack abs, anything but have a goal. Now, make a plan to move towards your goal. 3. Focus on exercise form: Invest time in learning the workout forms to no Ego Lifting: It's good to push yourself in the gym but not at the cost of compromising your body while doing wrong exercising form. Make sure you focus on learning the form initially. 4. Don't weight train 7 days/week: Your body needs rest to recover. Adequate rest and recovery must be a part of your plan. 5. Track your progress: Tracking progress helps you to stay motivated, understand your body, and make a suitable adjustment if needed. Always track your progress in the form measuring inches, taking progress pictures, and weight. 6. Stay hydrated: It's good to sip water during workouts to stay hydrated and avoid muscle cramps. 7. Warm-up before the workout: Proper stretching and warm-up should be a part of your training. 8. Focus outside the gym: You might be following the best workout plan but your body will not grow unless your diet is in accordance with your goals. Follow a healthy balance diet and keep your protein intake high.

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Excellent advice for a new beginning..

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