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Goal setting formula

With Transformation Challenge 10 knocking at our doors, it’s time to get started with the planning, let’s see how to plan when it comes to dieting using SMART goal setting formula.

S - Specific Goals(detailed) There are 5 Ws for specific goal setting, I’ll help you understand with an example of my skinny friend who is looking to pack on some muscles. (let’s assume his name is Jack) 1. What do you want to achieve? Jack wants to gain muscles. 2. Why do you want to achieve it? Jack wants to look better, fitter and be stronger. 3. Who is involved? Obviously Jack, but he could also ask his friends to support him in this. 4. When you want to achieve it? Jack knows that this will not happen overnight, so he has made this a long term goal. 5. Which strategy will help you achieve it? Jack knows that he needs to be in calorie surplus and have enough protein, carbs and fats.( Jack is smart, be like Jack) M - Measurable This means implementing ways to track the progress. So now what Jack would do is he will weigh him self regularly and will track it. As Jack is smart he will also track his food intake, will keep himself hydrated and will also keep a check on his sleep. A - Attainable The goals that you set should be attainable, neither should be too difficult to achieve nor too easy to not motivate you and must be a right balance of the two. So Jack doesn’t want to look like John Abraham soon neither wants to look like KRK, he just wants his body to look aesthetic when he takes his T-shirt off on beaches of Goa for his trip which might never happen. R - Realistic It is just like attainable goals, but here what we would do is break up larger goals into smaller realistic objectives, so these smaller objectives will help to track your progress better and will help you get closer to the larger goal, and the objectives should be decided depending on your schedule throughout the day and also factors like your sleep quality, stress levels and not just on the time spent in the gym during workout as these will indirectly affect your performance during your workouts and also your progress must not be compared to anyone else as we are not aware of the efforts they are putting in. Here what Jack does is he breaks his goal and sets small achievable objective for every week and month and works according to it without comparing himself with anyone else’s results. T - Timeline Your Goals need to have a time frame, if you don’t have a time frame not only it will be difficult for you to define weekly objectives and you might take too long to reach there which you could have achieved earlier, but do not be very stringent with timeline as no one could accurately predict the time, as not all time is going to same through out your journey, there will be times the progress will be fast and also there will be time it would not be what you expected, so the most important thing would be to stay consistent and trust the process. But Jack will never do such mistake and has already made a calendar with objectives and knows that being consistent is the key as he understands that great things take time. I hope you try to implement the SMART formula and make your goal setting a lot easier and more efficient. please review.

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beautiful write up, btw goa which might never happen was killer 😂

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