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GM Diet: Is It Worth A Shot?

Fat Loss
If you have ever tried to lose weight, you must have had someone come up to you and say 'Try the GM diet'. Many of you may have tried it as well.

Here's an article by Akshita Arora about the poular General Motors Diet! References: 1. Aragon, A. A., Schoenfeld, B. J., Wildman, R., Kleiner, S., VanDusseldorp, T., Taylor, L., ... & Stout, J. R. (2017). International society of sports nutrition position stand: diets and body composition. Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition, 14(1), 16. 2. Furber, M., Anton-Solanas, A., Koppe, E., Ashby, C., Roberts, M., & Roberts, J. (2017). A 7-day high protein hypocaloric diet promotes cellular metabolic adaptations and attenuates lean mass loss in healthy males. Clinical Nutrition Experimental, 14, 13-25. 3. Shah, M., McGovern, P., French, S., & Baxter, J. (1994). Comparison of a low-fat, ad libitum complex-carbohydrate diet with a low-energy diet in moderately obese women. The American journal of clinical nutrition, 59(5), 980-984.

Ameya Bharat Bhagwat

Put in simple words - It's a ridiculous way to lose fat, and a good way to lose weight (muscle). Repeat it three or four times, and you're sure to feel tired, jaded, wasted even.

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