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Give yourself time

Give yourself time

============================= Whenever we start a new diet/fitness journey, at the beginning you put a time frame, you are highly motivated and see the results quite often too and that becomes the motivator to continue but as moving forward that progress slows down, you start getting stressed and make changes drastically in plans and even if doesn't work then there are high chances you get frustrated and leave the journey. Here what is wrong? The expectation and putting a time frame. Making clear goals is good but when it comes to fitness better would be to give yourself as much time possible. Not only you reach your goal but also it will become easy for you to maintain that fitness levels because you are doing it for a longer period of time and it becomes a part of your life

Baisakhi Saha

but what about that phase when you get motivated,start the fitness journey,sweat it out 5 days a week,diet properly (may be little here and there in protein and carb content) yet you fail to see even 0.5 kg of deflection in the weighing machine during the first two months itself??

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