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We crave Rewards, which is a general human tendency. It applies to every field of work and can be quite a useful tool in your fitness journey to keep you motivated.

There can be different rewards that you can give yourself throughout your fitness journey but let me provide you some examples- 1. Go to your favorite clothing store, choose a dress/shirt/trouser, etc. try it out, and now your goal would be getting into one size smaller/large depending on your goal. When you fit into that size, buy it - that will be the reward for you. And the same goes for trying out your old clothes, we all tend to have few precious/special garments. 2. If you have a habit of eating out a lot, then make a fund where you will deposit money which you saved eating out at home and then buy anything you like or want to buy for long. I know someone who purchased the latest iPhone with that money 3. Even you can reward yourself by going out to your favorite restaurant and having your favorite food without any guilt after following maybe religiously for maybe more than a month. 4. Photoshoot, for most of us it is overwhelming to think when starting the fitness journey but getting a photoshoot ready is possible for all of us. let me know what other rewards you can provide yourself !!

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