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Getting Younger Everyday

How to get Ripped at 50! Take a cue from Ajay pal singh's story:

At 50 years of age, Ajay Pal Singh is the quintessential family man - devoted to his wife & children and who always worked hard to provide for them. But often, that came at the expense of his own health. "After 28 years of service, which meant long hours on the job and lots of stress, my health had started to suffer. I got tuberculosis, gastrointestinal issues and chronic back pain. I started looking and feeling much older than my age. I wanted to change but didn’t know what to do. That’s when a friend introduced me to Fittr and life was never the same again! It was my new year's resolution and I wasn't going to break it. I enrolled with Nimish Patil and he told me people age because of loss of muscle and strength. The first few weeks were tough. I couldn't walk even 500 metres. But I kept at it and little by little my body started changing. I felt healthy after ages! My transformation and strength took everyone by surprise! Thanks to Fittr I am a whole new person!"

Keep it up young man. Great Transformation!! So many people saying hats off to you.

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