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Getting the most out of Ramadan: How I go about my Fitness Goals.

In another 4 days from now, we begin the mandatory month long Ramadan fast ➡️ 16-17 hours of fasting at 45 degrees Celsius!

The regular Muslim families official 'gain' month➡️ An abundance of fried food, fresh fruits, sweet meat and sugary drinks. Also, easy to justify going haywire on your fitness goals➡️ less food, no time to workout, drop in energy levels, religious obligations. Let me now tell you, and I couldn't be more honest when I say this.. My best ever progress in years has been in the months of Ramadan ❤️🙌! Yes .. you heard it right ... here's why: 💫 Zero scope of cheats in the fasting window. 💫 Zero cooking foods outside my diet during the feeding window.. Yes. Got rid of all the food that wasn't on my diet for the entire 29 days. 16 hours of fasting without food and water makes you hungry. At iftar, you will get only what you cook, not what you crave! 💫Rushed to the gym immediately after an 'optimum' iftar- neither too filling, nor too tiny.. Just enough to fuel my workouts. Oh and more importantly, 'rushed' before my mind told my body I was too tired or too hungry to workout. 💫 A well constructed high-protein satieting meal and sehri to keep me charged through long summer work days 💫 Increased activity levels- yes! For those who know the 'taraweeh', it sure is a loooot of energy expenditure 😉 💫 Hydration on point, because of the fear of feeling thirsty way before noon set it. 💫 Sleep on point.. Well because waking up at 3am means unwinding by 11:30pm 😁..goodbye wasting hours swiping through insta stories 💫 Just where sheer discipline and mind control takes one! A peak of summer Ramadan is NOT going to be easy, but definitely going to be my best. For sure! PS. One thing that helped me kickstart my Ramadan journey was Matin shaikh's comprehensive video on continuing your fitness goals while fasting! ➡️ https://m.facebook.com/groups/823848317674482?view=permalink&id=1903289996396970


Ramadan is just around the corner. Delighted to read your post.

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