Utsav Agrawal

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Summer is approaching and hence the season of delicious fruits as well. Yeah, because of the lockdown, the availability will be pretty limited, so here to help you out, here is a list of fruits and their quantity to get 100 kcal.

Grapes - 140 grams Banana- 115 grams Pineapple- 220 grams Mango - 160 grams Watermelon- 350 grams Strawberry- 290 grams Oranges- 190 grams Fill the fruits in your diet which are available to you, even if not available as of now you can save it for later Take care, Stay Safe

Dr Rati Kedia

Much needed! Thnk u! Can u plz add few more fruits? Kiwi 🥝 ,guava, musk melon, chickoo, pomegranates

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