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Exercise Science

DAY 3 - UPPER BODY •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Tag a friends who wants to get fit🔰 •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• YESTERDAY was a rest day and i hope you rested well. Today is the third day of the 4 day split and we’ll be wokring on the upper body again with a little adjustments from the previous plan. You don’t have to follow this plan as it is, the reps and sets can be adjusted based on your training experience and the weight of dumbbells that you have access to. Target the number of sets as mentioned in the pic. Choose weights in a way that you are shy of 2-3 reps from failure. For example : if you can do bicep curl with 5kg dumbbell for 15 reps, stop with 12 or 13. Dont go till failure in all the sets. Terms used : AMRAP - AS MUCH REPS AS POSSIBLE REP : No.of times you perform a specific exercise SET : No.of cycle of reps you complete INSTRUCTIONS : 👉🏻While performing an exercise, keep your back neutral during whole range of motion. Do not arch it. 👉🏻Do’nt swing while performing an exercise. Focus on muscle mind connection. 👉🏻Learn the technique and never compromise on your form. Gradually increase weights. 👉🏻Hydrate yourself well during training session. I drink atleast a ltr while training. 👉🏻You can rest anywhere between 45 second to 90 seconds inbetween sets and reps Beginners normally show very good progress even with small stimulus, use this for advantage. Tag me in your video if you want me to help in correcting your form. Note : This is day 3 of 4 day split and I will be posting 4th day routine tomorrow. Hope this was helpful. Stay tuned. Stay home. Stay fit #fitwithprazo


Hi, what is the difference between supported lateral raise and unsupported with two dumbbells?

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