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•••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Like i promised, i have posted a free beginner 4 DAY SPLIT. I ve also been getting requests regarding exercises for abs.Not that i dint forget. I wanted to make a separate template for that and here it is here is a killer beginner abs routine which you can do for 2 days in a week and the best part is you absolutely dont need any equipment. You dont have to follow this plan as can adjust your reps and sets based on your training experience and current capability. Target the number of sets as mentioned in the pic. Choose reps in a way that you are shy of 2-3 reps from failure. For example : if you are doing crunches 15 reps, stop with 12 or 13. After few weeks you would be able to do more than 15 very easily. There are three ways you can progress here 1. Increase reps 2. Add resistance the movement 3. Improve form and develop a better muscle mind connection INSTRUCTIONS : 👉🏻while performing an exercise, focus on muscle mind connection 👉🏻dont swing while performing an exercise 👉🏻learn the technique and never compromise on your form. Gradually increase reps or add resistance 👉🏻hydrate yourself well during training session 👉🏻 you can rest anywhere between 45-90 seconds in between each set. NOTE : You can either do this routine on your rest days as it will hardly take 15 mins. Or you can add this routine post your normal training on your training days. Beginners normally show very good progress even with small stimulus, use this for advantage. Tag me in your video if you want me to help in correcting your form Hope this was helpful. Stay home. Stay fit #fitwithprazo


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