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Forget Napping Mommies, Exercise When The Baby Sleeps!

While embracing your motherhood, it is also equivalently important to take care of your own health, dear mommies. This would prevent complications that occur later in life and would keep you young and fit for long.

🔺Why are postnatal exercises important? 🔹It helps you strengthen pelvic floor muscles and improves urine habits. 🔹Prevents low back pains 🔹Enhances blood circulation and appetite 🔹Speeds up restoration of body shape. 🔹It also increases self-confidence and makes you feel better. 🔹Strengthens bone and reduces the risk of osteoporosis in later life. 🔺When can you start postnatal exercise after delivering? For normal delivery, you can start it after day 2, if no complications observed. While for delivery via C-section, you must begin under the supervision of your consulting doctor and physical therapist. 🔺Which exercises can one do? 🔹To begin with, one must start with breathing exercises. They're important as it enhances breathing pattern and also helps to maintain lung capacity. 🔹Later one can include- Ankle pumps Pelvic floor exercises Bridging Cat and camel pose 🔹Light aerobic exercises like brisk walking, static cycling, yoga can also be done under guidance. 🔹Adding strength training with correct form and breathing pattern shall help you in carrying your baby as he/she gets heavier & old. 🔺Proper posture habits while standing, sitting, carrying the baby or while feeding should be followed. Maintaining good postures would prevent overloading of the spine and decrease muscle stress. Hence, LESS PAIN. 🔺Lastly, sufficient rest and sleep are as important as a proper balanced diet and exercising. #daactarni
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