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FOOD - A Friend or Foe = = = = = = = = = = = = =

Dieting Psychology
Look at the picture of two most common food source from our daily life .

I am not going to label either of them as good or bad ,and leave that as your decision after you have read the lines below Let me describe some basic insights for each 50 gm Bhujia sev ( 288 cal) - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 1) Less Satiety ( It is a highly processed food which has least satiating effects on mind and body. In simple terms you can quickly finish a packet of Bhujia sev and yet feel hungry. Processed foods are quickly digested and can immediately make you feel hungry again) 2) Addictive ( You will always feel like having more and more of it ) 3) Lack in micronutrients and fiber ( Almost all processed food lack in fiber content and micronutrients) 4) Less in quantity but dense in calories ( It is easy to be eaten and contains lot of calories in a small amount. Hence, it puts you to an easy risk of overeating or excessive calorie consumption) which can cause severe problems and that being said “weight gain “is the primary concern 50 gm White/Brown rice (172 cal) - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 1) More Satiety ( 50 gms of rice is a good amount of quantity which provides Satiety/ satisfaction and keeps you fuller for a longer period of time. Less scope of hunger cravings !! 2) Good to pair up with other food sources such as meat / fish and vegetables to make one rich nutritious meal 3) Good source of carbs for your pre and post workout meal which will help in maintaining energy levels. 4) Adequate in quantitity but less in calories ( Rice being moderately rich in calories is a good source of food. It is difficult to overeat rice in a single meal when compared to any kind of quick digesting snack ) Now, when I have described the basics of each of them. Let me share a common observation. I have seen overweight people quoting that they eat less food ( I don’t eat rice/ chapati or bread) and yet why are you overweight then? You forgot those snacks that you eat on recreational basis - While you are bored While you are travelling While you feel like munching all day While you have your tea/coffee Rememebr, that most of these snacks are deep fried or coated with high amounts of sugar and fat which is good enough to put you at a risk of overating. You can easily consume calories higher than your daily required maintenance which ends up making you gain weight. My second observation is about people loosing their appetite to whole food. I have come across adults who struggle to eat a small portion of rice or small counts of chapati and vegetables because they have lost their appetite due to regular consumption of “quick digesting and calorie dense processed food” Intresting thing that happens is - When they try to lose weight or diet by eating more of whole foods they fail to finsih their required daily calorie intake and are subjected to undereating. (Eating less calories) So , now I would like to conclude this All calories are same - YES !! Absolutely But not all food sources are same In my sense our body is not a machine which needs food only as a fuel. There are other factors of concern Physiological factors like fiber intake/ satiety & micronutrients intake(vitamin/minerals) Also, psychological factors like your food relationship , addiction and emotional eating. * Eating any kind of snack occasionally for a change of taste is fine but if you make it a habit or a daily routine then you are putting yourself to health risks. It can disrupt your food relationship which will get difficult to be fixed in longer run. Be wise & maintain your health ! Love food but don’t live for food
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