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Following Diet Still Not Losing Weight

Below are the few reasons which are not letting you lose weight despite being on "diet."

1. Snacking - Habit of snacking in between meals is one of the surest ways of overshooting your calories, which result in nullifying the caloric deficit that you have created. 2. Eating out on weekends- Sure, you are working hard on weekdays, and you deserve something nice on weekends, but hey, your body does not understand its weekday or weekend. If you are eating more calories on the weekend, it will show up on your progress 3. Approximations - You must have calculated your calorie intake and prepared a well-structured diet, but you are not measuring each and everything and instead of going on the estimate. This approach might work in the long term while maintaining your fitness levels but not when you are trying to lose weight. 4. Not counting macros of sauces/ dressing - Let me make this even clear salad, which seems healthy can pack a lot of calories because of dressings and sauces you put in that. Not just salads any other food be conscious about the sauces and dressings used 5. Overestimating Calorie Expenditure - Often, People tend to overestimate the calorie expenditure and underestimate their calorie intake. Estimating their maintenance calories wrong can one of the reasons for not losing weight at all. 6. No Physical Activity - Yeah sure, you might be following the diet correctly, but not incorporating any physical activity leads to less energy expenditure, which makes being in caloric deficit even more difficult. 7. Irregular sleep- Less sleep makes you sluggish and can even reduce your physical activity, which results in less energy intake. At the same time, studies have shown that if you sleep less, there are higher chances your energy intake will be a bit higher. Let me know if you are making these mistakes Cheers!!

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Iam actual don’t do But still waiting for my results

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