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Following 80% Diet and not getting results?

Dieting Psychology
Chhote Sharma Ji is so smart; he only follows 80% of the diet and still manages to lose 800 gms of weight every week instead of 1 kg 😎

----------------‐-------------------------‐----------------------------- Do you completely understand the concept of quantified diet? Do you think partly following a diet is the right way to do it? Do you think 80-90% of consistency will give you results? Are you sure this is the kind of lifestyle you were looking for? Are you meeting your targets with this consistency? We do believe that if we will stick to 80 or 90% to the diet, we are doing complete justice to it because we are at least eating healthy most of the times. I also totally agree with you on this point because something is always better than nothing. But here is one suggestion for you, don't expect good results with this approach otherwise you will definitely be disappointed at the end of the day. But, if you are eating healthy, then why you won't get results? First of all understand, that why we focus on quantified diet and why counting calories is important. You all know weight management is monitored by your daily calorie intake. How much you eat during the day and how much you burn by the end of the day will decide the reading on a weight scale. Let's take an example here, You are supposed to take 2000 calories in a day to maintain your weight. It means, if your daily intake is 2000 calories, you will neither lose weight nor gain in this situation. Now as per your calculation, you are eating almost everything that's mentioned in the diet but skip one or more items or replace it with some other healthy item (without calculating the calories) considering that at the end of the day its a healthy food item and you have already followed everything as per the chart till evening. So as per you, replacing one meal with another item will not affect the results. Now suppose you were only left with 300 calories for your dinner. Along with your rice and oil, you added 50 gms paneer also in the diet because its high in protein and a healthy food, so you thought it will help. And you do repeat this every single day, someday soya chunks, some days paneer and some days eggs. Let's leave the macros aside for a min, calculate the total calorie intake for day 1 now. Your 50 gms paneer has 130 calories. Your maintenance calories were 2000 but now your daily intake because of these small changes is 2130 calories. Now, what do you think? Will your weight remain the same, increase or decrease? You know the answer very well. So did this 80% of diet helped you? Now let's take another scenario, your target is to lose weight. You are in a deficit of 500 calories. Your maintenance is 2000 and current intake is 1500. You are doing the same thing, one day you are skipping meals and having 1300 calories maybe and another day you are eating something extra and it might go up to 1800. You are trying to track your weight as per 1500 calories but as per the actual trend, you don't even know the actual calories you had the entire week. Now, what will be your strategy for next week? Go with higher calories or reduce it further? If reduce it, then by how much, do you know the calorie intake of last week? You could have lost 800 gms of weight this week but because of this inconsistent diet, you lost only 200 gms. Are you satisfied with these results? Understand one simple thing, if you are following diet only 80-90%, you failed the basic concept of quantified diet or calorie counting. I know you can't keep measuring the food your entire life but there are some baby steps that you need to take in your initial journey. You can't learn to run on a very first day. Better adapt to the protocols completely before you start experimenting. You are not doing it for a day or two. Its a lifestyle you are trying to adapt, so why not give your 100%. Give it a thought and decide your actions accordingly, because Every Decision Matters!! Have a safe Workout!! - Dr. Aakash Bansal #SharmaJiKaBeta #Fittr #Bettr #Smarttr

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