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Flexible dieting. Is it for you?

First of all, ‘Flexibility’ doesn’t mean cheating on your diet frequently & then getting away with it. It means only one thing – a sustainable diet plan for YOU. The whole idea behind flexibility is to make sure that dieting is not a punishment and your transition towards a healthier lifestyle is smooth.

* If you are convinced that your only salvation is discipline and restrictions, by all means, go for it. But be aware that you might bounce back if you do not address the psychological stress caused due to it. ‘Will’ is limited. * If in the name of flexibility, all you are eating is dense calorie items (burger, pizza, etc.), it’s not going to work. Nutrition has to be quantified. You know that already by now. * If you think you are an experienced dieter (with good knowledge of calorie compensation) and you have a specific goal. Still, you don’t measure calories ( you only gauge it from a distance), trust me, you are eating more than required( in most cases). That goal of yours is going to be elusive. * If you are newbie, make sure you learn the art of discipline first. Of course, a few guilty pleasures can be included, so that you don’t get thrown off completely. But make sure calories are counted, macros are distributed well, and the diet does not deviate too much from your current lifestyle. * If you travel too much, flexible dieting is for you. But the basic funda is again calorie counting of everything you eat. * Make sure that you are active. At home or elsewhere. It’s an important part, irrespective of any dieting approach that you choose. Finding a balance between flexibility and precision takes time. But don’t we all have time? Especially now, with all the lockdowns.  Work on it, guys! The yield will aid you in years to come.


The only challange with flexibility dieting is protein source

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