Asmita Shah

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Fitness Myths vs Fitness Facts: Setting The Record Straight!

Fitness Myths
The internet is overflowing with information and a lot of it is just plain, outright myths!

Social Media, in particular, is a big culprit. It seems as if anyone can create a social media account and become an “Expert” or “Influencer” overnight.  It's easy to get caught up in myths and half-truths in a world that has more salespeople than fact-checkers. Whether you're training for weight loss, muscle gain, performance or health, chances are you've probably fallen foul of one of these myths at some point. Who knows, may you still believe them! Every day brings a new trend or diet that promises to improve your health and fitness. Social Media users suffer from Shiny Object Syndrome and this applies to their fitness choices as well. With so much conflicting information and everything packaged to look like it’s the next best thing, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to separate fitness myths from fitness facts. It’s time to set the record straight!


Number of meals you eat in a day does make a difference. Maybe not to fat loss and your calorie pursuit. Taking large number of calories at a given time makes your pancreas secrete more insulin unnecessarily. Even if one is not a diabetic it is not a good idea to keep tickling the pancreas to produce repeated hyper-insulin state. When see your body and life as a pyramid keep health above fitness and fat-loss. Rest of the content is good

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