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Fitness Myths
There are so many nutrition and fitness myths prevailing in our community. Some of them are believable enough to fall victim to. I will be posting one myth at a time, so that you have a clear idea why it is important to learn and practice that in our lives.

"Tone up those abs ! Melt that fat! Feel the burn !" These are being promoted everywhere. I too was a victim of this when I had bought one so called "BELT" to melt away my postpartum belly fat. Spot reduction or target fat reduction is one and most common among these. People keep asking they want to reduce fat only from a particular body part..like.."only belly fat should go and chubbiness should be there!!!!" The concept of fat reduction comes from training a specific muscle will result in fat loss from that area of the body, and this is being promoted also on a bigger scale by so called celebrities, fitness models, fitness enthusiasts. In order to lose fat from any body part, you must lose weight overall. Spot training will not cause fat loss on any particular body part, but will improve the muscle tone if you have any there 😁. Be in calorie deficit diet, take adequate protein, do resistance training, sleep for 7-8 hours, maintain hydration well...You will find your fat getting melted !!!!

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