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Fitness is not my priority!

Apart from working from home/ office, managing family members and feeling anxious about an uncertain future, one of the most common excuses for not following a diet and a workout routine is “I have no time left for myself”. People say they are too busy or stressed out or simply seem to have other more important things to concentrate on!

Now picture this: you own a Car or two-wheeler but you are too busy to get it serviced on regular intervals. What will eventually happen? The engine will fail unannounced, in the middle of the night or at an isolated place when you are traveling back home, or - God forbid - when you’re traveling at high speed in the middle of a highway! Just imagine yourself in that position. I agree that this can even happen with a well-maintained vehicle, but in this case, you’re setting the vehicle up for failure! Your body is nothing but a very complex machine. Regularly maintaining it doesn’t take up too much effort or time. Just get started with just 45 minutes of exercise and planned mindful eating. If this body were to crash unannounced because you’ve been taking it for granted, just imagine the price you and your family will pay for it! Life will never be the same! Take away: Prevention is better than cure. Start small. Begin exercising, start eating right, and in the process, you’ll become stronger for yourself and your family. You will not only minimize the chance of a “crash” but also get stronger and better, besides becoming a role model for other people.

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