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Dieting Psychology
“DIET” the word itself is horrifying for some of us. We always think that to follow a particular diet for weight loss we need to get rid of the cookies in the cupboard, refuse cakes at birthday parties, have to have steamed vegetables and salads in our lunch box every day, detach yourself completely from your favourite food.

A few slip ups here and there, few cheats and we completely get distracted from our goal. Here comes the role of self-motivation and mental strength. Here are some tips or ways by which we can keep ourselves motivated during our weight loss journey: 1. Always set realistic goal to achieve: If we set unattainable goals, such as losing 20 kgs in a month, we’re setting ourselves up to fail. Instead, setting smaller, realistic benchmarks, like losing some inches and fat or getting fit in a particular dress size, will give us confidence to continue. 2. Don’t be in a hurry: If we have not gained those extra inches overnight then it’s not fair to expect to lose it overnight. Instead we should always focus on sustainable weight loss. Like the saying goes ‘slow and steady win the race’. 3. Be prepared for setbacks: Human beings are rightly called “social animals”, and as result there comes a time when we are on diet and we need to attend some social functions. It’s not a crime to have small piece of cookie which is not there in your chart but making it an excuse and to indulge in a full plate of your favourite cookie is definitely a crime. If you cheat on a certain day, you can balance it by having calorie deficit next day. But doing this over the period will certainly affect your results. 4. Find people with a similar goal: It’s always difficult to make major lifestyle changes. Finding other people with similar goals can be really helpful at times. 5. Patience is a key element of success: You have been doing everything right, taking your macros as per the chart, exercising well but suddenly scale gets stuck for several days in a row. One of the most common diet motivation-busters is the weight loss plateau. When you do not see scale moving, you think of giving up. But here comes the role of mental strength. You need to stay mentally strong, few changes in your diet and workout and you will be on a track again. Always remember “there is no force equal to that of a determined mind”. 6. Reward Yourself: Dieting can be really a tough task for most of us. Small rewards may prove to be the source of motivation sometimes. But as the saying goes, “Do not reward yourself with food, you’re not a dog”. Make small-goals along the way and reward yourself when you achieve them. Your rewards may be a relaxing foot massage, your favourite lipstick, a new pair of jeans, or a new gym apparel, etc. Rewarding yourself will always keep you motivated to continue your journey. 7. Always keep a Maintenance Plan: For some people maintaining weight is far more difficult than losing weight. Healthy eating is a lifelong process not a one-time investment. So it’s very important to follow healthy lifestyle which will help you to maintain your weight throughout.
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