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Fitness is a child’s play. Let them enjoy the food!

Chocolate toh bachon k khaane ki cheez hai!

Arrey abhi nahi khayeinge toh kab khayeinge! Metabolism high hota hai! 9 out of 10 parents believe their children are physically fit, but in reality only 1 in 3 children are. Truth: You might just be wrong! Just because she loves to swim or he takes that karate class regularly they too can suffer from child obesity if they do not eat nutritive food today. Oh how are these classes coming through when most of the countries face lock down? Not really well I know. This means? A sharp dip in your child’s activity levels. Don't overfeed your child just because he/she is physically active For a fact, children do have fewer weight related health and medical problems as compared to us adults. However, being chubby is cute but overweight is risky. An overweight child today has a higher risk of being an overweight adult tomorrow and is at a much higher risk of developing health issues- heart diseases and diabetes. If your child is overweight, don't put him/her on a strict diet Your child is more prone to develop stress, sadness, and low self-esteem if he or she is on the chubbier side of life. Putting children through a strict diet will definitely look like a punishment to them. Here is what you can do: • Keep a portion of protein in every meal. They are unlikely to demand junk when they are full. • Reduce their junk intake or eat outs to one meal a week. If you are cooking junk for them this is a check to limit it right away to one meal a week. • Prepare healthier versions of their favorites • Inculcate healthy habits and make it a rewarding activity every time your child chooses the right thing to eat • Important: Lead by EXAMPLE. Be their superhero. Eat quantified and teach quantified! Limit gadget time and make being active trendy. Here are things you can do right now: 1. Physical activity is important for your child especially at this very time – it helps to control weight, build lean muscle and reduce fat and it reduces feelings of depression and anxiety. Hint: some of these benefits can help you too! Moving does not hurt anyone. Rather family that moves together stays together. Start doing home workouts that are body weight circuits and put on some fav music to make it interesting fam-jam activity! 2. Be their superhero, by being active with them. 3. Consider getting involved in walking your child to school/ if under a lockdown consider setting some serious step goals post every meal to increase active time rather than passive gadget time for both you and your children. 4. More.. • Tend to a family garden or indoor plant container. • Take a walk and clean up litter • Partner up in meal preps ( Remember habits are instilled when young) Train your child to choose healthier options when you eat out Remember asking people “How do you manage your diet when eating out?” Your children will ask you the same. First things first you tell them that eating out is not a regular activity. And if they must; this is where you teach them to choose a sandwich over fries and a small piece of a chocolate instead of that tub of ice cream. You don’t feed them what they ask for, be their mentor here!! Bottom-line: We have to bust the sedentary life for a real fit tomorrow for the young. Life is at a standstill in today’s difficult times, but you can sure turn it around and focus on some good stuff. Do drop in comments and let us know how you are inculcating active time with your child.

Sneha Parekh

Nice one . Thx coach . Plz suggest some effective workout for kids(6 yr old) and when to do because she wakes Up at 7:15am,leaves for school 8am,back at 4pm, almost every weekday 1 hr some class in eve she has( some outdoor and some indoor). Dinner at 7/7:30... goes to bed at 9. Thanks .

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