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Fitness in Monsoon

I know most of us would have already been reverberated with phrase- “ Fitness is a lifestyle, you need to make it a habit.” Well, rightly so, one needs to set priorities, day by day, year on year, irrespective of all the chaos going around. There could be innumerable hindrances every other time, one of the most prominent being the changing weather conditions, especially the monsoon. Let’s check out a few of those spoilers in monsoon and and see how can we cater to them.

Going out for exercises- Rain can be a big spoil sport! It’s not just those cricket matches getting abandoned, but the complete spirit goes down if you are an outdoor person going to gym or running sessions or even want to enjoy a stroll outside. Redundancy in food due to fasting- The concept of fasting has been pretty old. While it was the bodily demands and lifestyle that people could sustain it with just two meals a day earlier, now it has taken the limelight with a healthy way of restricting calories intake. On a religious level, during this time, people show their devotion by limiting the food intake until a certain time interval in the day, while few might eliminate out the poultry and meat. So, if you are into a fat loss journey this could help you in limiting the intake to a large extent with just 1–2 meals a day, however at a certain level it could become redundant with limited choices of food left. Limited supply of vegetables and thus micro nutrient trouble -Water is good for plants, however heavier monsoons can be a burden. As per studies, few of the green vegetables are prone to bacterial infections during monsoon, thus making it difficult to cope up with the daily micro nutrient requirements. Being a lazy soul- While it could be really tempting to stay in bed in this weather, taking an extra day off from training, it wouldn’t be a while seeing this become a bad habit. Then, what to do ?? So what if you can’t go for a running session, it’s never a bad idea to focus on increasing the overall activity levels. Rather than being agitated, one could focus on increasing the daily foot counts along with some HIIT sessions at home. If you are into weights and not able to step out, adding some home exercises with dumb bells and resistance ropes/ bands could be a good idea. During fasting its very important that one is aware of all the food items allowed and prepare some quick recipes out of them. Like paneer, milk, curd, whey protein,oats/ muesli could be handy options. Adding nuts could be a good option, too as they are quite calorie dense and help you get those essential micro nutrients. A blend of whey, milk/curd, nuts and oats could be a perfect solution to a full meal with all the major macro nutrients being covered. Adding seasonal fruits and dates within limit could help you get some quick energy post fasting Another, very important thing to note during such circumstances is you should not get over board with carbohydrates, always try staying below the maintenance calories, overall. Availability of micro nutrients- While on one side the wonderful smell of the mud after rain could really make you fall in love with the season, rains could bring all sorts of germs and diseases too. The rate of water borne diseases is quite high during the season. With muddy markets and humid weather, there are high chances of harmful bacteria and worms on the green vegetables available. Be watchful when you buy and cook green leafy vegetables. The grime and dampness present in them makes them highly susceptible to germs. Vegetables like spinach, cabbage, cauliflower might not be the first option, or even if they do, make sure to wash them intensively and cook them properly. Pungent vegetables such as bitter gourd,ridged gourd, apple gourd and other non leafy vegetables could be better options during monsoon. Try to avoid the fresh food items that have been exposed long to monsoon air. Say no to juices from roadside vendors or better prepare at home. With the body being prone to water borne diseases, it’s important you don’t miss out preparing your food with the basic herbs like garlic, ginger, turmeric as they help boost immunity. If you still lack behind fulfilling the micro nutrient requirement, supplementing with a good multivitamin shouldn’t be a bad idea either. So, get over that laziness of yours and kick off the sessions in the gym. Rain should not be a hindrance if you are passionate about it. Building a good habit takes time, so don’t let it go away so soon. One should make sure to give utmost importance to personal hygiene and have enough water. Last thing you want is getting dehydrated in monsoons! Enjoy the rains while its lasts and keep fit while at it.
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