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Fitness and traveling !! How can you manage it !!

Quick tips to stay fit while traveling

Workout tips- -keep a resistance band with you - You can do a full body workout for 30-45 mins at home/hotel You can find hell lot of resistance band workout plans on YouTube. -loop bands Will help you to do some intense lower body training . Eating tips - Problem occurs when we are not able to consume protein for our daily requirements because carbs are easily available and we don’t have to worry about carbs.I am sure we all are consuming enough carbs while we are travelling 😛#carbsarebae Now how to keep our protein intake on point - first of all try eating protein as much as possible from food source like eggs, paneer tikka , grill chicken, fish fry,fish tikka etc - You can also make home made protein bars and can be easily carried along with you. They have good shelf as well. - Protein bars are also available nowadays at any online site with 20-30 gms of protein per bar. - I know its not easy to carry the whole whey protein jar along with you but you can carry them in a small container. If not you can buy whey protein packets which are also available at any nutrition online store. So no excuses while you are traveling. 😅 I hope it was helpful. Thanks 🙏

Shobith K Menon

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